Ram Engine: spokane engine remanufacturer.
Ram Engine: Tractor performance cam & camshaft grinder and rebuilder.


Ram Remanufacturing & Distributing, Inc. (Ram Engines) celebrates its 28th anniversary of successfully meeting the needs of our customers this year!

As our name implies, we remanufacture used engines. But, that is not all we do! We sell engine parts. We install remanufactured engines. We do machine work. We are also known as M.P.W., Superior Head Service, RPM Service Center, and Vintage Engine Machine Works.

Jack Bunton (JB) is the founder and president of Ram Engines. He is a firm believer in capitalism and free enterprise. He proves that they work every day of his life. "If you've been around as long as we have, you must be doing something right!" JB believes in good, solid, common sense management decisions at every step of the way. His business management philosophy is based on a strong belief in the pride of one's work, one's abilities, and one's self.

The Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce chose Ram Engines as the business of the year in 1988. At Ram, quality comes first. It has to! you've told us and we've listened! We strive to prevent defects, not just detect them. The key is our team of skilled and highly motivated individuals, using modern equipment, who believe in quality and ferret out defects in processes and systems. In this business, it's quality or else. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

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