Ram Engine: spokane engine remanufacturer.
Ram Engine: Tractor performance cam & camshaft grinder and rebuilder.

Our experience and service

Spokane Ram Engine vintage machine service

The Spokane Vintage Machine Shop has always been an outstanding division of RAM Engine. Our group of vintage machinist can provide you with expert knowledge and experience on antique and obscure engine work.

Over the past 25 years we have tackled many unusual jobs.

We preserve the original tools and processes to assist you in accomplishing the most authentic restoration possible. We have several employees with experience in the old methods; babbitting is one of our specialties

We have acquired many of the original tools no longer found in engine machine shops and use those tool to do your job as it was originally done. Jack is always there to discuss any special concerns you have about how your job should be handled.

We have 40 years of experience handling those unusual configurations. We have a vast library of vintage engine specifications, machines and tooling appropriate for those vintage parts and processes, and personal skilled in working with vintage engine techniques and manufacturing processes. Gas and diesel are fine with us.

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