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Ram Engine Propeller shaft straightening

In addition to standard rebuilds of one piece forged or cast factory hardened outboard crankshafts Ram Engine rebuilds seal and bearing surfaces for propeller shafts and drive shafts of outboards and outdrives.

We also specialize in bent propeller shaft straightening. If you've damaged your propeller you've probably also damaged or bent the output shaft too. Outboards or inboards we straighten them all!

It was an absolute pleasure talking with you last week. Your knowledge of engines is is only surpassed by your knowledge on how to repair them. I was amazed while talking with you about prop shaft and crankshaft straightening. I always figured it was done in a press. You blew my mind with the techniques you described. I'd never have thought to use such a process. Obviously you're one of the last true craftsmen in the trade.

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