Ram Engine: spokane engine remanufacturer.
Ram Engine: Tractor performance cam & camshaft grinder and rebuilder.

Precision machine services

Spokane ram engine custom grinding services
Flywheel service
Flywheel grinding

Connecting rod service
Resizing big end
Pin fit center to center

Block align boring, honing
1.125" to 5.000"
Mail line repair
Sleeve and pin method
Crack repair
Sonic testing
Block surfacing

Heli arc
Cast iron welding
Aluminum welding
Hard facing
Metal spraying

Engine or industrial items

Lathe work
16" swing to 50" long

Marine driveline and shafts
In addition to standard rebuilds of one-piece forged or cast factory hardened outboard crankshafts. Ram Engine rebuilds seal and bearing surfaces for propeller shafts for drive shafts for outboards and outdrives.
Abrasive machining
Up to 54"L x 48"W

Boring and honing
1.750" to 8.000"
Counter bore repair
Lower deck repair
Sleeving service
Transmission case repair
Transmission case sleeving

Crankshaft services
Grinding Polishing
Magnuflux inspection
Up to D-9 Caterpillar
Rod journals rebuilt
Main journals rebuilt
Crankshaft thrust repair

Industrial straight shafts
Built up and ground to original

Cylinder head service
Magnuflux inspection
Pressure testing
Crack repair
Valve seats installed
Valve seat made to order
Valve stem grinding
Heli arc aluminum heads
Rocker arm assy. rebuilds

Camshaft service
Parko lube right
Build up
RV, performance grinds

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