Ram Engine: spokane engine remanufacturer.
Ram Engine: Tractor performance cam & camshaft grinder and rebuilder.

Specialty machine service

How Do You Preserve Originality ?

Our specialty is pouring new Babbitt bearings. We can preserve the original parts through straightening. Some of our specialized tooling is specifically for straightening connecting rods and heads. We rebuild worn surfaces to their original dimensions.

What If Some Parts Are Obsolete Or Missing Altogether ?

We are very networked. Many times we have been able to locate those "difficult to locate parts" you have been tearing your hair out over. If we can't find it we can make it. Often we have borrowed the identical original part to pattern new parts from. New valves of a similar size can be ground and fitted to your vintage engine. Cutting custom gaskets just like the originals is normal here.

What About Worn-out Rings ?

Rings are custom ground to your piston. We provide any style, bevel or overlap to match the originals.

What Are Some Vintage Engines You Have Worked On ?

When the owner of a $150,000 vehicle trusts RAM's divisions to do his restoration work, why would you go anywhere else?

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