Ram Engine: spokane engine remanufacturer.
Ram Engine: Tractor performance cam & camshaft grinder and rebuilder.

Tractor camshaft rebuilding
and babbitt bearing service

Ram Engine camshaft rebuilding
Ram Engine has full capabilities to rebuild any vintage camshafts. Vintage automobile or tractor we can custom grind any canshafts to its original or performance grinds.

Need some extra power from that vintage engine? We build up lobes and regrind those old worn out shafts to better than original specifications.

I just wanted to let you know that I have finally completed my 1948 John Deere G tractor that you modified my camshaft for. We put it on the dyno tonight and my buddies were impressed with its performance and I certainly attribute this to your cam grind. It produced 68 hp off the pto and it held it good. For a stock stroke tractor running stock rpms I am certainly impressed. This friday & saturday I plan on taking it pulling so I am anxious to see how it does. Thank you again for your services.

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